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It has been another terrific year for ambitious Arete students applying to leading international universities to continue their formal education. Arete students have received offers from many US Top 30 and Ivy League schools and UK G5 universities. 

Nick Cahill, Arete Director of Student Services, comments: "We are tremendously proud of the hard work and commitment all of our students have shown in preparing for the next chapter in their academic careers. The academic, extra-curricular, voluntary, professional and entrepreneurial activities of our students distinguish them as some of the most outstanding students in the world and this is recognised by the number of offers they have received from the world's leading universities. As they continue their formal education journeys, I hope they will take away our mantra that education is just as much about what you choose to do outside the classroom as it is what you do inside it."


Some of the top tier universities Arete students will be attending in the Autumn / Fall of 2019 include: The University of Oxford, Cornell, The University of Cambridge, London Business School, Georgetown University, Washington University in St Louis, Vanderbilt, Imperial College London, Carnegie Mellon University, and The University of Rochester.

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