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The Arete community were delighted to welcome Aram Karakashian, Senior Global Recruitment Manager of London Business School, to Ningbo for a special China edition of LBS's famous Sundowners social event. 

Every fortnight, members of the LBS community are invited to get together, socialise and enjoy free food and drink in an event hosted by the school and known as Sundowners. As strong advocates of the benefits of networking, the Arete team were thrilled to host our very own Sundowners with Aram as our VIP guest speaker. Aram took time out of his busy China schedule to come down from Shanghai especially to meet Arete students in Ningbo. He gave a fascinating presentation about life at London Business School, their degree programmes and, in particular, the application process and what he and his admissions team look for in applicants. Key characteristics which Aram suggested were important to develop were academic strength, self-awareness and an international outlook. Other important characteristics included leadership, commitment, motivation and team skills. 

Following his talk, Aram joined Arete students for networking and drinks in our very own tribute to LBS's famous social event.

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