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The theme of this year's annual conference for new students and parents was Fire Your Imagination. Guest speaker, Chen Chen, Managing Director of CAS, flew from London to Ningbo to inspire students with her meteoric rise to leader of a UK Board room.

The conference, at The New Century Hotel in Ningbo, China, attracted hundreds of students and their parents as the students prepared to embark on their first year of undergraduate studies. One of the key messages of the event was the importance of self-discovery and using time at university to explore and nurture interests which will help students to start to identify potential future career paths. 

Chen Chen spoke inspiringly about her journey from a young, female, Chinese graduate at Lancaster University in the UK, to working her way up from an intern at a management consultancy in the City of London to Managing Director at the age of 30 in an industry dominated by white, middle-aged men. Her message to students was to focus on developing skills which employers value: initiative, communication skills, people skills, hard work and application. 

The event was warmly received with Arete member, Cheng Ding, expressing thanks on behalf of the community present to Chen Chen for her dedication in travelling so far to help inspire the next generation of future Chinese leaders. 

For further information on CAS please visit their website: 

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