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Almost 750 students and parents attended the first Arete annual conference to mark the start of the new academic year. Families gathered in the Ballroom of the New Century Hotel in Ningbo where Arete members Cheng Ding and Nick Cahill talked about career development and the journey from university to the workplace.

A key theme of the event was the importance of self-discovery and embarking on a personal journey combining your professional aspirations with your personal needs. The speakers talked about how the concept of a work-life balance was often disingenuous and that, in fact, it was more practical to consider a life in which we must both work and enjoy ourselves and trying to combine these as best as possible was fundamental to satisfaction and contentment.

Key issues pertaining to employability, qualifications, skills and competencies were also discussed with a focus on the personal and professional skills students should seek to develop beyond their academic studies. 

The discussion was followed by a question and answer session for students and parents.

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