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Supporting Chinese families in the 21st century

China's economic development over the past fifty years has transformed its society. Strong economic growth, urbanisation, state-of-the-art manufacturing & technology and an increasingly market-oriented economy have created a new generation of Chinese citizen: educated, ambitious, and internationally curious.

But the speed of this growth has created very specific challenges for this new generation based on the socio-cultural background of China over the past fifty years. 

A strict, academic education system and a generation of parents with only one, precious child means that many of China's coming-of-age generation have less experience than their western peers. 

Well-meaning parents often make most, or all, major decisions on behalf of their children. Schools do not usually make time for self-reflection or career planning. Individual, independent thought is discouraged and competition for good jobs and financial security means extreme levels of pressure and expectation are placed on the shoulders of young adults. The impact is often confusion. uncertainty and insecurity about the future. 

Yet this young generation in China has a tremendous amount of potential. They will be the leaders of the new age of Chinese global economic dominance. They are bright and eager to learn from international peers. We are here to provide them with the support, resources and confidence to make their way in the world, give them new and positive experiences and to take control of their own destinies. 

In doing so we aim to contribute in some small way to greater international understanding, co-operation, economic development and friendship between China and the west.

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