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Niu Muqing was the guest interviewee in this episode of Arete's Inspiration Series podcast. Niu works at the cutting edge of technology and design for one of the biggest and most powerful organisations in the world, Microsoft. Based at their Headquarters in Seattle, USA, Niu spoke to Arete's Jason Shi about her career in one of the most exciting industries of the 21st century. 

Niu started by studying industrial design at Shanghai Jiaotong University before graduating to a masters in Interactive Telecommunications at New York University. She spoke about her different experiences studying in both China and the US and the challenges seeking work in the US after graduating from her masters. 

Niu went on to discuss her work at Microsoft including a typical day and week and the hip and casual working culture of the technology sector. Finally, Niu shared her best advice for students planning to study and work in industrial or interactive design. 

Niu Muqing_edited.jpg
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