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Obligation Agreement for Overseas Internship

1. Once you have chosen your period for internship, any dates within this period will be assumed to be acceptable. Any circumstance caused by change of period unfortunately will not be accepted.


2. Some companies require interns in certain periods to support the projects or special requirements for their business. If there is a small difference between this required period and your chosen period, please be professional and try to match their requirements.


3. We will provide a mock interview to help you prepare for the internship interview. It will be your responsibility to prepare appropriately for this interview.


4. Once the contract is signed, it can no longer be changed or cancelled. If you have a special case, you may need to negotiate with the company directly – please seek confirmation of this from Arete.


5. The overseas internship will be run in a very professional environment, therefor, you will need to perform professionally, such as starting work on time, completing tasks before deadlines, dressing appropriately and supporting your colleagues’ work etc.


6. This is a very valuable opportunity. To be able to provide evidence that you have completed an international professional experience is an important standard for you to achieve. Opportunities are chosen and assessed to ensure they are high quality. If you choose to reject the opportunity that we secure for you, your priority will be reverted behind other students who haven’t received offers. 


7. Other arrangements: it will be your responsibility to apply for the appropriate visa and arrange your travel and accommodation with our support. We will send you a letter regarding offer transport and accommodation advice.

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