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Inspiring, developing & supporting young people to reach their potential


About us

Arete Education is a pioneering talent management organisation which provides bespoke personal development advice, mentorship and training to international students and graduates. We identify, nurture, connect and springboard young talent into the best education and promising professional career paths building a supportive global community of like-minded individuals along the way.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can succeed

We help make this vision a reality by inspiring, developing and supporting young people from around the world to realise their potential. In doing so we aim to contribute to greater international understanding, co-operation, economic development and friendship between east and west.

International Educational Consultancy

We work with students, schools and universities to help them develop the soft-skills, competences and extra-curricular experiences necessary to be competitive candidates for leading global organisations and help them present these to admissions officers and graduate recruiters.

Internships and Work Placements

We match students to international companies and organisations to provide mutually beneficial work experience and placements: For students, the opportunity to experience, learn from and contribute to an international work environment and for companies to experience our students' knowledge, skills and understanding of local markets.

Training and Professional Development

Our online and offline training courses prepare students and graduates for effective integration into international professional environments. Courses focus on communications, professional skills and cross-cultural understanding.

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