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About Us

Arete is a multi-disciplinary business that identifies, develops, and connects talent, products and services to help clients deliver world-class solutions to business and social challenges. Our work has positive and sustainable impacts that benefit clients and communities around the world.


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Our Brands

Arete Education provides advice to international students and graduates seeking high quality academic and professional development opportunities.  We nurture and springboard young talent into top universities, internships with leading businesses and new careers connecting them to the global network of like-minded individuals who have benefited from our services in the past.

Solar Panels on Trees


Arete Energy helps organisations identify and procure cutting edge global technology to help reduce their reliance on carbon generating energy sources, optimise energy costs in relation to their energy demands and transition to sustainable and green energy sources. 


Arete Care provides advisory services to public and private organisations on the design, development and operation of independent living, retirement and care home accommodation. 

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Electric Car Charging Station


Arete EV works with EV manufacturers, dealerships and EV charging technology providers to supply both electric vehicles and charging solutions to organisations seeking a cost effective approach to reducing the environmental impact of their vehicle fleets. 


Arete Net Zero helps organisations source the most suitable and cost effective technology to meet their Net Zero strategic targets. Our focus is on identifying established and emerging new technology from Asia Pacific which meets European and North American standards and can be manufactured on a scale to meet client needs and budgets.

Holding Plant
Construction Managers


Arete Asset Mgt provides consultancy support to organisations on the optimisation of their network of physical assets and infrastructure from procurement and design through operations, maintenance, renewal and disposal. We draw on 25+ years of expertise working in infrastructure asset management globally.

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